Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Image is everything, as far as Google is concerned

Search Internet BinocularsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the new buzz in web site promotion, and keeping up with how

Alt Text is a very simple way to allow images to be searched more easily.  Images taken on a smart phone or downloaded from stock photo services can be named with a long array of numbers and letters having nothing to do with the image.  Alt Text is the text that search engines use to identify images.  It’s simple to use and for the image above would something like <img src=”strangeimagename302908.jpg” alt”Search Internet Binoculars” />

Another important part of SEO is the speed at which web pages load.  Slower pages are ranked lower than smaller, faster pages.  It’s important to never allow the user’s browser resize an image.  Resize the images you want to use before uploading them.

Finally, you can rename your images to reflect the message you want your picture to convey.  For example; strangeimagename302908.jpg could be renamed search_internet_binoculars.jpg.  This will make image optimization more complete and more efficient to work with various search methods.

For more information, complete with visual aids, refer to this site from tutplus.com http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/seo-articles/optimizing-images-for-seo/.
it’s properly done is challenging.  One of the often overlooked parts of SEO is the role images play.  Recent changes to how Google values images in SEO have put an even greater emphasis on making sure images posted to the web are properly optimized.

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