Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Which state has the fastest internet speed? The winner is...

With an average speed of 13.7 Mbps, Virginia ranks the fastest internet speed, according to  Savingadvice.com.  Alaska comes in last place with an average speed of 7 Mbps.


Green represents faster Internet speeds, while red shows slower service.

A consumer’s exact internet speed takes into account factors such as location of service use, the broadband provider, the condition of the computer, the amount of computer memory, the programs running, add-ons, spyware, and viruses.

Broadview Networks created a map (see above) that shows which states have the fastest and slowest internet service using data from Akamai's "State of the Internet" report (PDF) released in June 2014.

According to Akamai, if a state has an average speed higher than 10 Mbps it counts as having "high broadband."  In all, 26 states achieved this status.

Akamai's report also looks at internet speeds around the world.  South Korea has the fastest service with an average speed of 23.6 Mbps.  The US ranks No. 10 worldwide with an average speed of 10.5 Mbps.

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