Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Power of Video Marketing

With video marketing, your message stands a far better chance of being heard.  There is a lot of compelling evidence suggesting that online video marketing is the single most practical use of your marketing time and energy.

Videos are captivating.

Video Marketing can…

SELL:  Convince people to buy your product

ENTERTAIN:   Attract with enjoyable content that creates brand awareness

EDUCATE:   Teach viewers about your particular cause or product

  •      100 million Americans watch online videos
  •          55% watch videos every day
  •           70% of online marketing campaigns now use video advertising

TWO MINUTES is all it takes… On average, a website visitor will stay two minutes longer on a site when they watch a video.

After 72 hours of visiting a certain website, people only remember…

  •    10% of the text
  •  65% of the images and visuals
  •  BUT a staggering 90% of the VIDEO

Videos speak far more than words…

  • 1.8 million words = one 60 second VIDEO

  • 4 out of 10 shoppers will visit a store, online or in person, as a direct result of watching a promotional clip

Web video reaches more people than text, and dramatically improves your website's search result ranking.

  •           50% greater chance of ranking on the first result page than any textual page
  •       70% of the top 100 listings in Google employ video marketing

If you’re not using video marketing, you may be losing customers to those who do. 
Harnessing this powerful tool can lead to higher engagement rates, increasing your leads and sales.

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