Friday, August 23, 2013

iSpy an iPhone?

Summer is winding down so that means it's time to begin debating the line of phone from Apple.  The trend since the June 2009 release of iPhone 3gs has been to release a half-step product between each full iPhone release.  There is, however, some indication that Apple may forego this tradition and skip the release of iPhone 5s (or 5c) and release iPhone 6 next June.  Typically these half-step releases have been a bridge between the previous phone release and phone released by Apple's competition.

In a recent article, speculates that whenever the next iPhone drops, it's going to have many features that consumers are clamoring for, and phones made by Samsung and HTC are providing.  Features like more storage (rumored to mirror the 128GB capacity of the newest iPad), NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, and sharper, more powerful photo and video features are almost guaranteed.  Additionally rumors of other features like wireless charging and an adapter to handle the new (1+ GB speed) 802.11ac wireless standard are driving interest in iPhone 6 very, very high.

Check out this link to TechRadar's article for more information:

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